Carpet Cleaning in Limerick

I recently got my carpet’s cleaned by a company called Chemdry Midwest. Raymond Markham was the Gentleman’s name, They worked diligently for hours sparing no effort to deliver a quality job at our home.They cleaned Rug’s,Carpet’s,Sofa’s and we also did tile cleaning on our kitchen floor which seemed to be very hard work indeed. Anyway they had up to date equipment and machinery and cleaning solutions. I just felt like mentioning the experience as it was quite enjoyable watching the whole process from start to completion. I’m sure i will be using them again sometime in the future as i have small kids who happen to cause accident every once in a while, not to mention our beloved dog Sandy (Our lifelong friend and pet!).So without further ado i shall leave a link to their website for you folks to judge for yourself(If you decide to avail of their services!) Here it is; . Do let us know your thoughts on what’s the best way to clean carpet’s,Regards!

Easy Ways For Cleaning The Upholstery

upholstery-cleanerEveryone would like to have the perfect looking home. However, this is not easy to maintain – you invest a lot of time and money in making the house look your own, by arranging every piece of furniture and choosing all those art items that you want to be seen by everyone.

However, to maintain the beautiful looking aspect, you also have to clean the house thoroughly at least once in a while, as this not only will make it more beautiful, but it will also help you live in a clean environment.

There is not anything quite like having a wonderfully upholstered item of fixtures in the house, and these pieces can change the look of a room as well as give homeowners a relaxed place to relax. With that said, keeping them clean and in excellent state can often be a difficult task.

As we tend to use such items on a more frequent basis, pieces of fixtures can become dirty and grimy very speedily, so it is significant to put in place a first-class cleaning process to make certain that they stay looking first-class.

Here are a number of tips for keeping your upholstery clean, so you can obtain hours of use out of your furnishings.

The Fabric

In the first instance, it is extremely significant to choose a fabric for upholstery that is comparatively easy to care for. Starting out with a first-class fabric will make each of the difference, so think re-upholstering your furniture as an asset into saving your time and funds further down the line.

Re-upholstering is not always in the budget, however, so there are a lot of first-class cleaning tips that you can use in the interim in order to extend the life of your fittings. With that said, it is a first-class idea to look at what type of fabric for upholstery is obtainable in the market so you know exactly what you’ll upholstery-cleaningneed for re-upholstering, what shall be bought and at what time.


The easiest method to continue to use your furniture and still looking good is to put into practice a regular vacuuming routine, so that you can grasp all the dirt and stain before it is embedded into the carpet fabric. Dust and dirt are deposited at an alarming rate, and, although much of it will not be visible to the naked eye, it is still there and you should deal with quickly.

This is why it is highly recommended to vacuum your good-looking furnishings once a week or once in 15 days, in order for the dust to be taken out and to keep your upholstery fabric appearing fresh. The regularity will all depend on your practice of the furniture, however, with a big family with kids and pets need to clean more frequently than a single being household who is hardly ever at home.

Immediate Attention

Another necessary tip when it comes to care your upholstery clean is to make certain that you clean up carefully all spills and stains straight away, as this is the most excellent method to deal with them before they cause considerable damage to the appear of your furniture.

chemdry-upholstery-cleaningWhen a spill is there, you should spot and dab the stain watchfully, and you should employ a clean white cloth or white tissue paper to do this. This will absorb as much of the stain as feasible whilst reducing the amount that is being embedded in the upholstery textile. This may be adequate to stop staining, but chances are you will require employing specialist stain treat at some point.

Cleaning the upholstery can be needed every so often, but don’t postpone it until you have to use a new fabric for the furniture or for when you’ll need to change entire furniture. Take care of those items and you will see that they will have a longer life span.